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Built in 1863 by Henry Bonnington, named The Rifleman, was sold to William Clark in 1871, sadly it burnt to the ground in 1872, this was the catalyst to form the voluntary fire brigade in Picton soon after.


William Clark rebuilt and sold to Richard Nicholl’s in 1873 who changed the name to Clarendon Hotel. Richard Nicholl’s received the same fate when in 1881 the building again burnt to the ground, he sold the land to Josiah Harris who had the hotel rebuilt retaining the name.


Eventually the Dwan Bros (Brokers from Wellington) purchased the freehold in 1900 and held the ownership papers till 1939.


Ian Bing purchased the freehold in 1951, knowing it was about to be condemned by the council due to extensive bora, he rebuild the hotel as it stands today (Ian Bing was the only known Chinese publican of that era).


It was in 1974 under the ownership of Terry McCashin that the name was changed to Crow Tavern, as he converted the Hotel into a Tavern. The folklore of the name goes back to the early 1940’s when a local named Peter Brunette would drink at the hotel every night and cycle home after his 6 O’clock swirl and Crow like a Rooster.



At the Crow Tavern we are slightly obsessed with history and have put in a lot of time and effort into compiling history dating right back to the mid 1800's. A lot of this history has gone into the design of the Crow so if this interests you be sure to come have a look around!


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